Pivot irrigation

We offer lateral move irrigation systems and center pivot systems. Center pivots can be fixed or towable. They can be equipped with corners. Appropriate diesel pumps and generators can be supplied where there is no commercial power available. Lateral moves can be either hose or ditch fed. A power unit consists of a diesel engine and a generator, plus a pump if the machine is ditch fed. Guidance can be via furrow, cable or underground wire. The lateral moves can be end or center fed (symmetrical or asymmetrical). Hose fed lateral moves can be pivotable and/or towable. A wide choice of sprays allows for a uniform and efficient irrigation according to the customer’s needs. The sprays can be mounted either on the main pipe or on rigid or flexible drops and can be used in combination with pressure regulators. A machine can be equipped with an end gun.

We also offer mini pivots and lateral moves for irrigation of up to 25 hectares areas.

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Lateral moves

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