Irrigation systems Agroaqua

Our main business is irrigation. We supply equipment for agricultural and turf irrigation. For agricultural irrigation we offer pivot and linear systems, hose reels, different kinds of pipes and sprinklers, drip irrigation as well as micro-irrigation for greenhouses. Our turf irrigation offer includes sprinklers, valves and controllers. Our specialists are fully qualified to install and service the equipment we have sold as well as other similar equipment of the kind. Agroaqua does not only sell equipment but is also offering design and contracting of turnkey projects. That is why we are also offering pumps, pipes, fittings, hydrants, filters and all other materials and services for completion of turnkey projects.

Our offer

Pivot irrigation

We offer center pivots and lateral moves. Center pivots can be fixed or towable. They can be equipped with corners...

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Hose reels

We offer hose reels of 40 to 140 mm hose diameter and hose length of up to 700 m. Turntable and staker legs can be either...

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Drip Irrigation Systems

Tubing with integrated turbulent or self-compensating drippers, standard dripper spacing 0,25 – 2,50 m, wall thickness 0,9 – 1,2 mm.

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Landscape irrigation

We offer a broad choice of landscape irrigation components appropriate for irrigation of areas ranging from small lawns up to complex large area systems.

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We offer: horizontal and vertical electric pumps, electric submersible pumps, diesel pumps, well pumps, cardan pumps.

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Filters, fittings, fertigation

We are offering filtration equipment from simple net and disc filters to complex automatic self-cleaning filtration systems.

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We offer: 1/2’’, 3/4’’ and 1’’ sprinklers, guns up to 3'', Plastic sprinkler 1/2'', Plastic sprinkler 3/4'', Plastic sprinkler 1'', Brass sprinkler 3/4'', Brass sprinkler ...

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We offer: upside down sprinklers, foggers, microsprinklers, multioutlet drippers, other drip irrigation equipment, pumps, filters, fertigation.

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