About us

magacinOur main business is irrigation. We supply equipment for agricultural and turf irrigation. For agricultural irrigation we offer pivot and linear systems, hose reels, different kinds of pipes and sprinklers, drip irrigation as well as micro-irrigation for greenhouses. Our turf irrigation offer includes sprinklers, valves and controllers. Our specialists are fully qualified to install and service the equipment we have sold as well as other similar equipment of the kind. Agroaqua does not only sell equipment but is also offering design and contracting of turnkey projects. That is why we are also offering pumps, pipes, fittings, hydrants, filters and all other materials and services for completion of turnkey projects. Worldwide, only 17 percent of cropland is irrigated, yet irrigated land produces 40 percent of the world’s food supply. In Serbia, the situation is far below the world average. Several crisis periods in the last decades caused even existing irrigation installations to deteriorate. There is awareness of a necessity to increase the percentage of the irrigated cropland but financial power to make decisive steps in this direction is lacking. However, in the long run there is no other option than to find a way to do it so we are confident that our business will be increasing in the years to come.

Agroaqua1 Agroaqua was founded in 2004. The offices are located in Veternik, Arona Zagorice 1. Agroaqua is representing the world’s leading manufacturers of irrigation equipment. The primary goal of the company is to supply products and systems of the highest quality and functionality and provide an excellent after sales service to meet and exceed the expectations of the customers. What singles us out is a big stock of products and spare parts. Numerous satisfied customers and thousands of hectares covered by our irrigation projects are the best confirmation of the quality we provide.